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9 Social Media Tricks to Sell More Tickets to Your Event

9 Social Media Tricks to Sell More Tickets to Your Event

Want to ensure your event is a sellout? Using social media to market your event is a great way to reach a larger audience and boost ticket sales. Keep reading for tips on how to use social media to sell more tickets for your event.

1. Use Hashtags

Hashtags can help you reach people who don’t already follow you. When promoting your event on social media, be sure to use relevant hashtags so that people searching for those topics will see your post. For example, if you’re hosting a business conference, you might use hashtags like #businessconference or #networkingevent.

2. Create a Landing Page

A landing page is a separate page on your website that’s designed specifically for your event. This page should have all the information potential attendees need, such as the date and time of the event, location, ticket prices, and a link to purchase tickets. You can promote your landing page on social media and in email marketing campaigns.

3. Team Up With Influencers

Influencers are people with large followings on social media who can help promote your event to their audience. If you team up with an influencer who has relevance to your event, you’ll be able to tap into their engaged audience and sell more tickets. For example, if you’re hosting a music festival, teaming up with a popular musician who fits the genre would be ideal.

4. Run Ads

Social media ads are an effective way to boost ticket sales because they allow you to specifically target the types of people who would be interested in attending your event. When running ads, be sure to use high-quality images and persuasive copy to grab attention and persuade people to buy tickets. You can also create lookalike audiences of people who have already bought tickets to target people with similar interests.

5. Offer Discounts

Offering discounts is a great way to increase ticket sales. You can promote discounts on social media and in your email marketing campaigns by using codes that attendees can apply at checkout. You can also offer early bird pricing for people who purchase tickets early or group discounts for people who purchase tickets in bulk.

6. Host a Contest

Hosting a contest is a fun way to engage potential attendees and increase ticket sales at the same time. To host a contest, simply ask people to share your post or tweet about the contest for a chance to win free tickets (or some other prize). Be sure to promote the contest across all of your social media channels and in any email marketing campaigns you send out for the event.

7. Live Stream Part Of The Event

If you live stream part of the event, people who can’t attend will feel like they’re part of the action and this will increase interest in future events (and boost ticket sales). You can live stream on Instagram Stories, Facebook Live, YouTube Live, or any other platform that allows live streaming video.

8. Create a Video

Videos are another great way to generate interest in your event and sell more tickets online . You could create an overview video that gives potential attendees a taste of what they can expect or highlight some of the speakers or performers who will be at the event. If you have videography skills, you could also live stream parts of the event as it’s happening. Videos tend to perform well on social media, so be sure to post them on all of your channels. You could also include videos in email marketing campaigns leading up to the event.

9. Get Creative

There are endless possibilities when it comes promoting your event with social media. So get creative and think outside the box. Try different strategies and experiment until you find what works best for your particular event and target audience. With some trial and error, you’ll be sure to find s social media strategy that sells more tickets and ensures your next event is a success!

These are just 9 ideas to get you started promoting your event with social media! These are not guidelines and not hard-and-fast rules; the most important thing is that you experiment and find what works best for you to grow your audience and sell more tickets to your event!


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