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January 10, 2023

How to Choose a Legitimate Museum Ticketing Software Fast

How to Choose a Legitimate Museum Ticketing Software Fast

Successful museums use high-tech ticketing systems to maximize ticket sales and meet customer expectations. As a museum director or marketing manager, you must get creative with revenue streams and stay on top of the latest technology to offer visitors a unique and seamless experience.

From the moment they purchase their tickets, to entering your museum, you should impress your patrons with your efficiency and attention to detail. With the right museum ticketing software, you can optimize ticket sales and improve the guest experience at the same time.

Read on to learn about a flexible ticketing platform that’s packed with essential tools to customize your museum tickets and help you sell tickets in a flash.

What’s a Museum Ticketing Software?

Museum ticketing software makes it easy for you to create and customize tickets and control your finances. It provides detailed analytics to gain insights about your guests and gives each visitor a portal to buy tickets easily and securely. Using a ticketing system allows you to receive digital payments before your guest arrives at your door. It also enables you to anticipate the number of people that will rush to your gates on a given day and control it with timed entry.

Once your museum has adopted ticketing software, your guests can purchase their general admissions, VIP, or bundle tickets easily from any device. In other words; it’s a digital box office. Furthermore, a guest can use their mobile phone to check in before gaining entry to your museum, so you don’t have to worry about having people lined up to purchase tickets at your door.

For your guests, the process is paperless from ticket purchase to check-in, making it eco-friendly, up-to-date, and in line with what your guests expect when visiting your museum’s newest exhibits. If you want to fill your museum to capacity, you must use a robust ticketing software that lets you control every aspect of the ticketing process.


How Will Museums Benefit from using Ticketing Software

How Will Museums Benefit from using Ticketing Software?

Museum ticketing software is the only way to integrate each step of the ticketing process using a single, easy-to-use platform. It allows you to not only create tickets for general admission but also for special events that require timed ticketing.

Here are a few reasons why museums can benefit from ticketing software:

1.   Plan Your Events with More Control

Your museum is a venue that can and should host more than a general admission crowd. A ticketing system helps you plan your museum events more efficiently. It helps you create tickets for special attractions, performances, lectures, and more. In addition, you can keep an up-to-date attendee list, making it easy for you to plan for food, beverages, seating, and staff members. Plus, you can use timed ticketing to control the flow of people in and out of your museum to ensure you never go over capacity.

2.   Insight Into Your Attendees

One of the most effective ways to improve ticket sales is to understand who your attendees are. With ticketing software, you can view your visitor information using advanced analytics. It gives you more insight into your patrons, allowing you to target a specific audience for your digital marketing campaigns. Museums that know more about their target audience do a better job of attracting them to their exhibits.

3.   E-tickets & Automation

Automation saves time, energy, and money so you don’t have to manually send an email to each person who purchases a ticket for your museum. Ticketing software sends a confirmation email automatically as soon as someone buys a ticket from your website. In addition, the confirmation email can include an e-ticket, so every visitor can gain entry to your museum without paper tickets.

4.   Flexible Pricing Structure

Your museum is likely offering various ticketing options to accommodate multiple types of visitors. You might offer timed ticketing for free, family, group, or tickets that give access to specific rooms in your venue. Using a ticketing system will allow you to customize and manage all those ticket types effortlessly.

5.   Timed Ticketing (Timed Entry)

A ticketing system with software that lets you create timed ticketing slots is critical to limit the number of visitors that walk through your doors; that way, you never exceed your museum’s capacity. It also allows you to control how many guests you’ll receive each day and gives you the option to sell tickets that begin and end at a specific time or that work for multiple days. With timed ticketing, you can set a time or capacity limit on specific exhibits and attractions.


TicketsCandy Is Great For Museums

TicketsCandy Is Great For Museums

TicketsCandy is probably the most complete and free ticketing software on the market for museums and various experiences. It’s a powerful ticketing platform packed with all the necessary tools to create custom tickets for any event type. TicketsCandy stands out from the competition because it offers excellent customer support, unlimited ticket customization, timed ticketing, and a plethora of other features museums need.

The platform is user-friendly and intuitive, so you don’t have to be an expert to use TicketsCandy. You can integrate the ticketing widget into your website to make it simple for customers to purchase their tickets. Unlike most ticketing systems, TicketsCandy isn’t membership or tier-based. So, you have access to all its features for free, no matter the size of your event or how many tickets you sell.

Additionally, TicketsCandy lets you keep 100% of you profit and has no hidden fees, so you can retain more money on each ticket sale. And to give you total control over ticket sales, TicketsCandy lets you decide who pays their 0.9% flat service fee per ticket – you or your customers. The fee is a bargain on its own, but if you choose to pass your fees to your customers, you pay nothing for each ticket you sell, making it completely free for you to use.

Why Should I Choose TicketsCandy for my Museum Tickets?

Choosing a ticketing system is no walk in the park; there are tons of them out there, but only a few have features that are worth your time. Let’s look at some of the main features TicketsCandy offers to help you sell tickets for your museum. It’s also an excellent way for you to envision how you can use this museum ticketing software to sell your museum tickets.

Easy Onboarding

Ticketing systems were created to make your life easier. Unfortunately, most ticketing systems make the process tedious, slow, and counterintuitive. Indeed, most ticketing systems take days or even weeks to set up your digital box office.

TicketsCandy, on the other hand, lets you set up your digital box office in a matter of minutes. All it takes is for you to answer a few questions about your museum, decide if you need timed entry, create your tickets, connect your merchant account, and then you are ready to start selling tickets! With TicketsCandy, “awkward” and “onboarding” never go together.

Free to Sell Tickets

TicketsCandy collects a nominal 0.9% fee from each ticket you sell by passing it onto the guest, so setting up an event, creating tickets for your museum and selling tickets doesn’t cost you anything. Signing up is completely free, and there are no contracts of any kind. You can set up an unlimited number of ticket types to suit your needs. So, if you want to make general admission tickets, VIP tickets, exhibit tickets, and timed tickets, you can do so without paying a single cent.

Timed Ticketing

Museum ticketing isn’t as straightforward as selling concert tickets. For example, if your museum has various rooms, collections, attractions, and exhibits at any given time, you want to have the ability to sell different types of tickets. With timed ticketing, you can control capacity by selling tickets with a specific time slot separated by minutes, hours, or days. Using this feature will maximize ticket sales and improve the visitor experience.

Discount Codes

Use discount codes to create percentage or fixed-cost discounts to boost your ticket sales. Discount codes are customizable, so the options are endless. With TicketsCandy, you can set tons of conditions for your discount codes:

  • Set expiration dates
  • Apply a discount when a specific dollar amount is reached
  • Apply discounts on certain types of tickets (for example, groups, kids, veterans, or family tickets)
  • Apply discounts when a certain number of tickets is reached
  • Set the number of times a coupon code can be used

When it comes to discount codes, there is nothing you can’t do with TicketsCandy.

Ticket Scanner App

Having an utterly hands-free check-in system makes sense for several reasons: it saves time, allows you to use your staff for other tasks, is paperless, and reduces contact between staff and patrons, making it more hygienic.

Souvenir tickets are rapidly becoming a thing of the past, but looking forward will help your museum stay ahead of the latest trends.

With the TicketsCandy Ticket Scanner App, you can scan e-tickets at the door with any mobile device. It’s a modern and efficient way for visitors to check into museums.


The platform features detailed reports on ticket sales, revenue, discount code usage, refunds, and more, all in real time. More importantly, it gives you the option to analyze your performance over a certain length of time and decide where there’s room for improvement.


The only way to fine-tune a marketing campaign is to measure and analyze its results. TicketsCandy is compatible with Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, TikTok Pixel, and Snapchat Pixel, which gives you an insight into how traffic reaches your website and who is buying your tickets. In the long run, this museum ticketing software will help you manage your advertising efforts and see where you can improve.

Merchant Services

Processing payments can be problematic if your POS (Point of Sale) looks or feels shady. TicketsCandy has partnered with merchant service provider Square to make sure you have a reliable and secure POS that lets your customers pay for their tickets quickly, safely, and confidently. Each transaction goes into your merchant account, making it easy for you to monitor revenue and manage your finances.

Multiple User Accounts

Museums aren’t operated by a single individual, thankfully. You likely have a team that takes care of different aspects of your marketing effort. TicketsCandy features the ability to create multiple user accounts, so your entire team can access your museum’s digital box office with their very own usernames and passwords. That way, several people can use the platform at the same time from their respective devices.

Plus, the TicketsCandy software allows you to limit what other users can see on their accounts. So if you don’t want your employees seeing your museum’s revenue, you can limit their account so that they can only manage guests, not events and revenue.

Customer Support

Whenever you hit a snag, it’s frustrating enough, but when customer support places you on hold or takes hours to get back to you, it’s just annoying. One thing you will never get from TicketsCandy is lousy customer support. Their highly trained team can help you resolve your ticketing or website issues promptly by phone or live chat, and you won’t have to deal with bots either!

Finding The Right Ticketing System

If your museum doesn’t rely on donations or government funding, ticket sales are one of the most important revenue streams to keep your museum afloat. Using the right museum ticketing platform is a way to maximize ticket sales and enhance the visitor experience. You can give your patrons more options by offering various ticket types, and you can provide a more intimate setting by using timed ticketing.

On your end, museum ticketing software helps you plan multiple events and challenges you to use your creativity by hosting performances, lectures, galas, concerts, private tours, overnights, and youth programs at your museum. Still, you can’t just choose any ticketing software; you must use the right one.

TicketsCandy is your secret weapon to drive your ticket sales and revolutionize the way museums operate. It lets you create and customize an unlimited number of tickets, offers timed ticketing, allows you to sell tickets from your website, provides detailed analytics, gives you an insight into your attendees, and charges you the lowest fees in the game. In short, if you’re looking for the right museum ticketing software, you’ve found it.


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