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Choose the Right Online Ticketing Platform From This List

Choose The Best Online Ticketing Platform For Your Needs

Selling and buying tickets has never been so simple. More people are entering the events industry, with the projected revenue of the event segment at more than $78 billion USD by the end of 2023.

Online ticketing platforms drive the success of event planning and selling in the digital age. These platforms make it easy for event organizers to promote their events and for attendees to buy their tickets.

Deciding on the right online ticketing platform on the market can be overwhelming. Making the wrong choice may lead to lost revenue and dissatisfied customers. Overall, it can affect your event’s success.

It’s important to know what to consider when choosing an online ticketing platform. This article will discuss different factors that can help you decide. We also compare some of the most popular ticketing platform options available.

With this information, you can choose the right platform that suits your needs and sets your event up for success.

Choose the Right Online Ticketing Platform From This List

Source: Statista

Types of Ticketing Platforms

The three types of online ticketing platforms include ‘All-in-one’, ‘Event-specific’, and ‘Self-hosted platform.’ Each type has different features and benefits for certain businesses and their events. Below we’ve explained each one in more detail:

All-in-one platforms

All-in-one ticketing platforms also double as event management platforms. They provide the biggest range of features for event organizers looking for a place to promote their tickets, as well as manage the event’s logistics.

All-in-one platforms provide ticketing options, payment processing and marketing tools, reporting and analytics, and customer support.

These platforms are especially beneficial for larger events with complicated requirements because they offer a single location for all your ticketing needs. They’re also great for organizers that want more help marketing their events. Popular examples of all-in-one platforms include TicketsCandy, Eventbrite, and Ticketmaster.

Event-specific platforms

Specialized platforms are ideal for more specific types of events like concerts, sports, and festivals. Although they may have fewer features than all-in-one platforms, they’re effective in providing targeted solutions.

You’re getting a solution that has been made for the exact needs of that industry, for example, sporting events need different functions (like seat choice) than a festival ticket. Examples of event-specific platforms include Front Gate Tickets for festivals and SeatGeek for sports events.

Self-hosted platforms

Self-hosted platforms provide you with complete control over the ticketing process as they are installed and managed on your own website.

Although they may not have as many features as all-in-one platforms and require technical expertise, they offer greater flexibility and customization.

They are more suitable for events with specific branding requirements or for those who want complete control over the ticketing process. Examples of self-hosted platforms are Tickera and Event Espresso.

Comparison of the Most Popular Ticketing Platforms

What makes a ticketing platform great? The features, affordability, and ease-of-use for both organizers and attendees. The following platforms are some of the most popular choices on the market today in online ticketing:


Ticketscandy Ticketing System

TicketCandy is an online platform that helps event organizers sell and manage tickets with features like custom branding, event management, marketing, secure payment processing, and customer support.

It’s an all-in-one platform that also allows event organizers to personalize their ticketing page and create multiple ticket types and discount codes, and manage attendee data.

This platform supports multiple payment methods and ensures secure payment processing to protect customers’ information. It’s also one of the cheapest options for event organizers, compared to the others.


Eventbrite Ticketing System

Eventbrite is one of the most well-known platforms, being around for a while now. It provides ticketing options, payment processing, reporting, marketing tools, and customer support. Eventbrite is often used for very large events. The fees that organizers pay when using Eventbrite start at 2.5% and $0.99 per ticket.


Ticketmaster Ticketing System

Ticketmaster is another long-standing ticket platform that enables ticketing services for concerts, sports events, theater productions, and more. It offers a variety of ticketing options, payment processing, marketing tools, reporting and analytics, and customer support. Ticketmaster has a smaller fee than Eventbrite, starting at 2.5% and $0.7 per ticket.

Front Gate Tickets

Front Gate Tickets Ticketing System

Front Gate Tickets is a platform that provides specialized ticketing services for festivals and events. Its features include ticket options, payment processing, marketing tools, reporting and analytics, and customer support. Front Gate Tickets apply a fee for each ticket starting at 5% and $1.50.


Tickera Ticketing System

Tickera is a self-hosted ticketing platform (as described above) and provides services like varied ticketing choices, payment processing, personalized options, reporting, analytics, and customer assistance. Tickera has a one-time fee starting from $49 for a single site license.

What To Consider When Choosing an Online Ticketing Platform

You need to assess your budget, what you need, the non-negotiable features, and other tools and features that will help the success of your event.

The following key factors are vital to consider when deciding on the best ticket platform for your needs:

Event size and complexity: The right ticketing platform depends on the size and complexity of your event. If you’re organizing a large event with many moving parts, an all-in-one platform is a good choice. For smaller events, a self-hosted platform may be enough.

Budget: When choosing a ticketing platform, make sure to check the fees charged for each ticket, as well as any additional fees for features such as marketing tools or customer support. Platform fees vary widely, from a set one-time price to a percentage of each ticket sale.

Customization options: If you want complete control over the ticketing process for your event and have specific branding needs, then self-hosted platforms would be the most suitable option. With these platforms, you can customize every detail of the ticketing process, ranging from design and pricing to customer support.

Marketing and promotion tools: Search for a platform that provides marketing and promotion tools to expand your reach and increase ticket sales. This includes email marketing, social media integration, and discount codes.

Payment processing: Ensure the platform you select enables your preferred payment methods and provides secure payment processing to safeguard your customers’ sensitive information.

Customer support: When selecting a ticketing platform, search for one that provides dependable customer support to assist you with any problems during the process. Find platforms with 24/7 support and offer several methods of communication, including phone, email, and live chat.

Best Ticketing Platforms For Events: Wrapping Up

To ensure your event runs smoothly, it’s crucial to select the right online ticketing platform. Consider aspects such as the event’s scope, your budget, online customization options, availability of marketing tools, versatility of payment processing, and customer support.

The right online ticketing platform can make the ticketing process easier for you as the organizer and improve the experience for your attendees. By choosing a user-friendly, reliable platform that offers excellent customer support, you can ensure that your event runs smoothly from start to finish.


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