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How Sell Tickets on Ticket Tailor: A Complete Walkthrough

For businesses looking to sell tickets online for their events and experiences, an intelligent ticketing platform like Ticket Tailor is a good way to go. There are many ticketing software options to choose from, with some offering more benefits for your business than others. Learn which solution is right for your business.

When you’re selling services and experiences online, you need to find an effective solution for your customers to purchase their tickets. A successful ticketing process would have the least amount of fees possible to be profitable and be easily accessible for customers to use.

With the rapid momentum of ECommerce over the last decade, retailers and event organizers are choosing to sell tickets to their services and events online. One of the best methods is through a ticketing platform.

Read on for a brief rundown of how to create and manage your events on Ticket Tailor and a look at the alternative ticketing options that are available to utilize for your business needs.

What is Ticket Tailor?

Ticket Tailor is an event management solution (it can also be described as a ticketing platform). It allows you to efficiently manage all processes related to ticketing such as the management of waiting lists, the creation of custom check-out forms, and more features.

Ticket Tailor’s Features

Ticket Tailor has several standard features for businesses to manage their events.

These features include:

  • Creation of public or private event listings
  • Tickets can be sorted or grouped into various categories
  • Customizable checkout forms
  • Waiting lists for events
  • Tools to share your event details to your social media accounts
  • A box office widget to embed onto your website or a WordPress plugin
  • Access to an analytics dashboard to retrieve analytical data.

Is Ticket Tailor a Legit Ticketing Platform?

Zimma Ltd, trading as Ticket Tailor, is a registered ticketing platform. The platform complies with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to protect all data retrieved so that you remain in control of your purchasers’ data.

How Does Ticket Tailor Work?

Using this platform can be simple if you know what you are doing. We’ll take you through how to set up an account, publish your event, and integrate it into your website.

Sign Up for Your Free Account with Ticket Tailor

How Sell Tickets On Ticket Tailor 2

To use this platform, you need to first sign up for a free account on the platform. On the homepage, click on the “sign up for free” button to create your free account. Verify your email address. You’ll then be directed to your unique dashboard.

You will be prompted to create your “box office.” Your box office is where your unique settings and events are created and located. After creating your first box office, you’ll have access to the full scope of your dashboard.

How to Create an Event on Ticket Tailor

How Sell Tickets On Ticket Tailor 3

To create an event on Ticket Tailor, click the “Add new event” button found on your dashboard or the “Create your event” link on the homepage. On the “Add new event” tab, under the “Add event info” section, insert the event details.

After entering your details, click on the “Save event” button. A draft of your event will be added to your dashboard. From there you can access your unique event page link and preview it. When you are ready to go live with your event, hit the publish button.

You can set up a single event, a recurring series of events, or multiple events held at different locations. The help center support guides can assist you if you have an issue with setting everything up.

There are several options for editing your event’s page by clicking on “Advanced settings” at the bottom of the “Add new event” tab.

How to Create Tickets on Ticket Tailor

How Sell Tickets On Ticket Tailor 4

To create tickets for your event, go to the “Create ticket types” section on you event page, under the “Edit event and tickets” menu tab. Here you can add a new ticket type or group. When you click on the “add a new ticket type” button, you will be prompted to insert your ticket name, price, and quantity.

Adding the Ticket Tailor Box Office Widget on Your Website

How Sell Tickets On Ticket Tailor 5

Ticket Tailor has a box office widget that you can integrate into your website. This allows customers to book tickets directly on your website.

To embed the box office widget onto your website, on your “Event” or “Promote” tab on your dashboard, click on the “embed booking widget” button. This will direct you to the “Website embed codes” tab. Copy and paste the HTML code into your website.

For WordPress sites, go to the “Website Embed Codes” tab. Under the “Directions” drop-down, click on the “For WordPress Websites” option. Install the Ticket Tailor WordPress plugin and copy and paste the shortcode in the dialect box to a page or post on your WordPress site.

Ticket Tailor’s Pricing Structure

How Sell Tickets On Ticket Tailor 6

This platform charges fees per ticket (not including pricing contracts). They have two pricing structures. If your event’s tickets are free, they do not charge any fees for your tickets.

You can choose Ticket Tailor’s pre-paid plan, where you buy credits before the tickets are issued. This allows you to save a bit on fees. Fees charged per ticket issued in advance start from $0.26. Have a look at the prepay calculator on their site.

Their second pricing option is to choose the pay-as-you-go plan. With this plan, you are charged a fee of $0.65 per ticket sold.

Keep in mind that to process payments for your tickets purchased, a payment processor is required to accept payments for you. Payment processors also charge payment processing fees. Ticket Tailor is partnered with Stripe for this purpose but also supports PayPal.

You can absorb their fees or pass them on to your customers by adding the fee to your ticket prices.

What to Know About the Cost of Ticket Tailor

How Sell Tickets On Ticket Tailor 7

The fees charged with Ticket Tailor’s two pricing structures vary depending on the number of tickets sold. This makes it unclear what you will be charged precisely overall. The uncertainty of actual fees to be charged by the platform makes it difficult to factor in costs and affordability for your business.

Ticket Tailor’s fees are also higher than those of some other ticketing platforms. The fees are added to your ticket price if you don’t choose to absorb the fees yourself. This increases the total amount that your customers pay at checkout. Your customers may not have expected to pay higher for your tickets, which can leave a bad impression.

Not to mention, when a customer arrives to checkout and notices a higher price than what was originally listed, it’s common for their order to go unfinished. Higher prices essentially lead to abandoned carts, which is a serious issue for online businesses.

Each year, ECommerce brands lose approximately $18 billion in sales revenue due to cart abandonment.

Ticket Tailor’s Checkout Process

How Sell Tickets On Ticket Tailor 8

Ticket Tailor has a three-step process that your customers will go through when purchasing tickets. Customers select the “Buy tickets” button on the event page to purchase tickets. A pop-up box appears, prompting them to choose how many they wish to purchase.

A second pop-up box appears asking for their personal details. Once completing the form, a third pop-up box appears that requires payment details and an order review. The whole process is lengthy and inefficient, as only after all three steps will the tickets be purchased.

Ticket Tailor Reviews

There are several aspects of the Ticket Tailor platform that could be improved upon, as per customer reviews. These include:

  • The platform has some usability issues with certain event types
  • Some features can be difficult to configure
  • The aesthetics of the events aren’t ideal
  • There aren’t many options for payment application programming interfaces (APIs)
  • You cannot transfer orders to different events
  • There’s no function to edit/add custom information to invoices.

Are there alternatives to Ticket Tailor worth considering? Read on.

An Alternative Platform for Selling Tickets: TicketsCandy

TicketsCandy Ticketing System

TicketsCandy is the fastest-growing event management solution/ticketing platform.

The platform is extremely user-friendly and allows for customization when creating events and tickets. It takes only a few minutes to sign up for a TicketsCandy account. Once you’ve done that, you have access to its vast array of features.

TicketsCandy is completely free for vendors selling their tickets.

Why? Because its service fee is passed onto the customer and integrated into their total at checkout. Additionally, the fee that is passed on is just 0.9%, and it is so small that it doesn’t lead to cart abandonment, unlike other ticketing providers. By passing that small fee on to the customers, event organizers don’t pay any fees and will get 100% of their profits.

TicketsCandy has seen that ticket sales volume for some of its event organizers has increased by up to 30%. This is due to their low added-on fee for the customer that doesn’t lead them to backing out of the purchase. Plus, TicketCandy’s 2-click ticketing widget optimized for a faster and more simple checkout process helps. The faster customers can pay, the faster they will pay before any hesitation.

Here’s how to use TicketCandy.

How to Create an Event on TicketsCandy

How Sell Tickets On Ticket Tailor 9

Once you’ve signed in to your TicketsCandy account, click on the “Create Event” button on your dashboard. A tab will pop up to complete your event’s details. This also allows for TicketsCandy to provide a more personalized experience for event organizers.

Once your event details are completed, click to create the event. Your event will still need to be published after this step for it to be live. You can publish the event within your event settings tab.

How to Create Tickets on TicketsCandy

How Sell Tickets On Ticket Tailor 10

To create tickets, go to your event, navigate to the “Tickets” tab, and click on the “Create Tickets” button. A tab will pop up where you will complete the details of the tickets you wish to sell. Once you’ve entered all your ticket details, click on the “Create Ticket” button to create your tickets.

TicketsCandy offers you numerous ticket types and an unlimited number of tickets. Another fabulous feature of tickets created through TicketsCandy is that each ticket is supplied with a unique QR code which can be scanned with the TicketsCandy mobile app.

Publish Your Event Live

How Sell Tickets On Ticket Tailor 11

TicketsCandy has a feature to add its user-friendly ticketing widget to your website. This is great for those who have high-volume traffic to their actual business website and want to sell directly from there. This ticketing widget is intuitive for customers to use.

The widget seamlessly integrates with most website builders, including the most commonly used website builders – GoDaddy, Shopify, Squarespace, Wix, and WordPress.

On your event dashboard, click on the “Publish”, and then the “Website Widget” button to retrieve the HTML code to add the ticketing widget to your website.

You can also create a stunning page for your event within just a few minutes. To do that, click on the “Publish” menu link and then “Event Page”.

Add any information you like about your event including links to your social media, images and videos, custom text and much more. And finally, grab a link to your event page and share it with your attendees so they could start buying tickets right away!

Benefits of TicketsCandy

There are a great number of benefits to choosing TicketsCandy over other ticketing platforms. Here are some of the top benefits that TicketsCandy has to offer:

Ticketing System Tailored to You

With TicketsCandy, your event pages are tailored according to your specific needs and desires. The dedicated support team is available to help you every step of the way.

No Additional Costs

There are no additional costs to unlock additional or premium features. All features are immediately available to event organizers.

Instant Launch and Convenience

Launch your event and start making sales instantaneously with TicketsCandy. There are no waiting periods involved and no long forms to complete. All it takes is to sign up for a TicketsCandy account and you can create your event immediately.

Get A Discounted Custom Website

TicketsCandy has also partnered up with Atavion, a leading website development company in the USA. A 25% off all Atavion’s plans for building a custom premium website for your event is offered to you. This custom website will be directly linked to your box office, driving more traffic to gain more ticket sales.

Choosing The Right Ticketing Platform

We hope you feel confident about using Ticket Tailor to sell tickets. Creating events and tickets may seem overwhelming to begin with, but effective ticketing platforms make the process easier. You also want to find a way for the ticket-buying experience to be seamless for your customers.

Ticket Tailor is one option for a ticketing platform to use. However, TicketsCandy’s affordability, efficiency, personalization, and user-friendliness make it a good alternative for you to consider.

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