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How to Maximize Event Success with Online Ticket Sales

Summary: You can significantly increase event management efficiency with online ticket sales if you use the right ticketing platform. TicketsCandy is the best ticket platform for online ticket sales that boosts your team’s ability to plan and manage events smartly and increase event profit.

Event management gets easier when you are using the right tools and resources. Research shows that event organizers rapidly adopt new technology and 75% of event organizers say they use virtual event tools even for in-person events.

Using the right technology is, however, essential.

Online ticket sales, when done right, provide multiple event management benefits to event organizers and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your event.

Online event ticket sales require a ticketing platform that lets you sell tickets through the internet. This tool can be used for efficient event management.


Let’s find out in this article.

What is Online Ticket Sales?

Online event ticket sales is the process of selling event tickets online over the internet. This includes almost all the digital sales channels including website, social selling, online marketplaces, and others. It requires the use of an event ticketing platform that offers you all the resources to seamlessly sell event tickets online.

A typical ticketing app for selling event tickets online offers you the ability to create events and landing pages, integrate events on your website, process online payments, manage attendees, manage your event, track event performance, data analytics and reporting, mobile app, POS, offline selling, and much more.

Here is how online ticket sales work from the perspective of an event organizer:

  • You have to choose an event ticketing app like TicketsCandy
  • Setup your account and create your first event
  • Choose ticket type
  • Add your withdrawal method
  • Create an event page and integrate events on your website
  • Potential event attendees can buy tickets by adding their payment details
  • The payment processor collects payment and the buyer gets the ticket via email
  • The app sends you a payout via your withdrawal method.

You can sell tickets without one-to-one interaction with the buyer and without any complexity – and this type of ticket selling has multiple benefits and it makes event management a whole lot easier.

How Online Ticket Sales Impact Event Management

Managing an event efficiently is a hectic task. One thing that online ticket sales do is that it supports effective event management by making it simple for event organizers to manage events.

How does this happen?

Let’s find out…

1. Budget Management

Budgeting is a major issue for event planners as securing enough budget isn’t always possible and the budget you get isn’t usually enough to manage the event.

Research shows that 37.5% of companies invest more than 30% of the marketing budget in event planning while 34% of the companies allocate around 10% of the budget to the event department which is quite low:

How To Maximize Event Success With Online Ticket Sales 1

Source: Sweap

Another study reported that as much as 65% of event planners have to adjust their requirements to manage a limited budget. Budgeting is one of the top three challenges event organizers face for virtual events.

Not only is a limited budget an issue but once you get a budget, managing it appropriately is another challenge. You have to do a lot including food, décor, audiovisual, travel, rental, registration, and more:

How To Maximize Event Success With Online Ticket Sales 2

Source: Eventmobi

Most of the event budgeting issues can be solved with online ticket sales.

First, a ticketing platform makes budget management easier by streamlining tasks. It does not increase your budget, but it helps you manage the allocated budget smartly by making data-driven timely decisions.

Ticketing apps make processes streamlined making it easier for event organizers to forecast costs and manage them accordingly. The analytics dashboard creates easy, simple charts and graphs that help make correct decisions based on data.

Here is an example from the TicketsCandy dashboard that shows you event details in real time including orders, revenue, and more:

How To Maximize Event Success With Online Ticket Sales 3

This helps you in predicting revenue from ticket and merchandise sales which significantly helps you in managing budget.

Second, you can reduce event costs by choosing the right ticketing app. Rising costs are one major issue that is faced by 46.3% of event planners:

How To Maximize Event Success With Online Ticket Sales 4

Source: Eventmobi

And event ticketing app and technology costs are included in it.

Most of the ticketing apps charge a fixed fee per ticket and a certain percentage as a card processing fee. This increases your cost and reduces your profit margin.

What you can do is go with a free ticketing app such as TicketsCandy. It does not charge you a penny and is totally free for event organizers.

It has two major benefits:

  1. Cost reduction which means you will have more budget for other event tasks
  2. Increased profit margin per ticket sale makes your event profitable.

That’s how online ticket sales via free ticketing software improve event management budgeting by giving you more room and budget.

2. Better Attendee Experience

Selling event tickets online improves the attendee experience and boosts attendee engagement.

It gets easier for attendees to purchase tickets online. They can purchase it from their smartphone or computer without leaving their homes. The ticket confirmation is received via email and attendees can manage their appointment from the mobile app (provided your ticketing app offers a mobile app for attendees).

As an event organizer, this provides you with an opportunity to interact and engage with potential attendees through the app. This improves your capabilities to manage events.

For example, when customers buy tickets online, they receive email notifications instantly and tools like TicketsCandy help you send newsletters to potential attendees. It gets quite easier to interact and engage with the attendees, send them important updates, offer them self-check-in options to avoid queues, and other benefits.

So, the benefits go beyond just engagement.

You can avoid mess and rush at the gate on the event day by letting attendees self-check in through the app. You can send instant notifications to the attendees with a few clicks via your ticketing platform and this makes last moment changes possible.

Research shows that event organizers that invest in UX increase retention rate by 27% and attendee satisfaction by 30%.

Using a ticketing app that lets you control and optimize UX should be your preference as it will help you manage events effectively and will boost UX leading to a high retention rate and positive attendee reviews.

3. More Ticket Sales

Generating ticket sales is the backbone of any paid event and if you do not have enough sales, you fail to run a successful, profitable event.

Imagine you have everything in place and the event management is being done effectively and efficiently, but there aren’t enough sales and the attendance is too low.

Would it help you as an event organizer?


Ticket sales help you manage events indirectly in two key ways:

  • Generating funds for event management. More ticket sales mean more funds
  • High satisfaction and self-esteem. As more people buy tickets, you feel pumped and work more efficiently to make your event successful.

Importantly, online ticket sales let you sell event merchandise online in advance and this has a huge advantage for event organizers as they can avoid mess for merchandise on the event day.

You can offer cross-sells and upsells to the attendees during the checkout process. A study found that ticket bundling increases revenue significantly and this type of upselling offer can be best used with a ticketing app.

It is also convenient for attendees to buy event merchandise online through the app. This improves UX which impacts event success positively. As an event organizer, you can manage merchandise, payments, and ticket sales easily on the event day. You won’t have people running to grab upsells and cross-sells at the gate and reduced rush means better management.

4. Staff Communication and Coordination

Event management apps offer employee management features too. Some ticketing apps offer dedicated apps for employees that help them scan tickets, generate manual tickets, and communicate with peers.

Lack of communication and coordination among your employees could cause irreversible damage to events. Research shows that poor communication or lack of communication reduces productivity, lowers job satisfaction, increases missed deadlines, and impacts finances:

How To Maximize Event Success With Online Ticket Sales 5

Source: Pumble

Using a ticketing app with event management features makes staff management easier which improves the productivity and efficiency of your team.

The ability to assign tasks and communicate with peers through the ticketing app helps in managing tasks and projects. For example, your team can use an event management app to scan tickets at the gate. This helps a lot during the event day.

You can assign specific tasks to your team through the app.

Ticket apps also help your employees interact with attendees and address their issues and concerns. This is a huge benefit that you get from event ticketing platforms like TicketsCandy. Your team can easily solve registration issues and solve customer queries on the go.

5. Better Event Day Management

Event day is the most hectic day. If you are managing a large event, it gets really tough to manage and organize everything on the event day. You need to have everything streamlined, organized, and accessible.

And this is where the event ticketing app takes the lead.

If you sell tickets online through a robust ticketing app, you can manage event day tasks seamlessly. The major tasks an event ticketing platform helps you with during the event day include:

  • Attendee check-in
  • Ticket sales at the gate including both online and cash payments
  • Merchandise sales including upsells and cross-sells
  • Attendee management and seating
  • Attendee queries related to venue, location, transportation, seating, pickup and drop-off, etc.,

TicketsCandy supports all these and other related tasks that make it easy to stay organized and managed on the event day.

Attendees can check in themselves without having to wait in the queue. This is a nice feature that attendees have access to via a mobile app. As an event organizer, you can sell tickets at the gate via the app. You can accept cash payments and accept credit card payments as well. The app is integrated with analytics in real-time which means new attendees (even those who pay via cash) get instant email notification and they can check in right away.

These features make it easy to stay organized on the event day and this is only possible when you are using the right event ticketing app.

6. Seating and Venue Management

Seating and venue management is an important aspect of event management that requires a lot of thought and planning. When you sell tickets online through event ticketing software, you might be able to manage seating and venue.

However, not all ticketing apps offer a seating feature so if this is something you are interested in, choose your ticketing app carefully by looking at app features.

Venue and agenda are commonly available with all the ticketing apps. For example, TicketsCandy lets you send event agenda and venue details to attendees via a customized newsletter. If you are running a multi-day event with different ticket options, attendees expect a detailed agenda so they can choose their ticket type based on the session they want to attend.

Ticketing type, event type, and agenda and venue details are closely related, and top event ticketing platforms offer all of them together to help organizers keep things organized.

It helps you a lot in managing your event. Attendees get all the details in the app and via email and this reduces support emails and queries. You can share all the details via the app with the attendees related to seating, venue location, sessions, ticket types, discount offers, transportation, accommodation, and more.

7. Data and Personalization

One of the best things about online ticket sales is that you generate heaps of data through the ticketing app and this data helps you in event management.

It all comes down to how you make sense of the data.

For example, you can segment attendees based on their interests, demographics, and purchase history. This helps you improve targeting and forecast for future events.

It also helps you offer highly customized services to your attendees which always pays off. Research shows that companies that provide personalized experiences to their customers see a whopping increase of 6-10% increase in revenue and 80% of buyers say that they prefer buying from companies that use personalization:

How To Maximize Event Success With Online Ticket Sales 6

Source: Gitnux

Personalized experience is based on data. It is always data-driven. The more you know your customers, the better – as it helps you segment attendees, understand their needs, and offer them the experience they crave.

It requires you to sell event tickets online so that you can collect data which is then used for personalization and helps you generate more ticket sales for future events.

This provides you with a competitive edge over your competitors.

So, start selling tickets online for better event management and sales.

How to Choose the Right Ticketing Platform for Online Ticket Sales?

Not all event ticketing services are created equal. When you are interested in efficient event management from ticket sales, you should choose the ticketing app that offers most of the features discussed above.

Here are the major factors to consider when looking for online ticket sales and event management coupled together:

1. Event Management Features

This one is obvious.

If the platform only lets you sell event tickets online and does not offer any additional features or does not offer event management-related features, it won’t be helpful.

Here are the key event management features that you should look for in the ticketing app:

  • Mobile app for attendees and event organizers
  • Ability to communicate with attendees via emails
  • Both online and offline ticket sales
  • Self check-in feature for attendees
  • Ability to cross-sell and upsell event merchandise
  • Ticket sales on cash with integration to the backend data in real-time
  • POS and mobile credit card processing
  • Support for multiple event types and ticket types.

2. Ease of Use

The ticketing app should be easy to use with a clean and intuitive interface. This is essential for attendees when they have to manage their accounts and registration through the app. If it is too hard, you will receive a lot of support tickets and the ticketing app will do more harm than good.

The ease of use is also important for you and your team. If it has a learning curve, it means you have to spend resources on employee training and it will also increase the probability of errors.

Make sure the platform you choose is extremely easy to use and requires no training.

3. Cost

The cost of the event ticketing service should be low and the funds should be available for withdrawal and use instantly. This helps you in two ways:

  1. The profit margin increases when the fee of the ticketing app is low
  2. Instant payout helps you with budget management and the funds are immediately available for use.

TicketsCandy is the most cost-effective ticketing app which is totally free of event organizers. You get the total ticket price transferred to your account and is instantly available for payout. This makes your event profitable and lets you sell tickets at a low cost which leads to more ticket sales.

Final Words

Event management is challenging. It is hard to do it without an app. Even when you use an app, event planning and management is not a piece of cake.

Online ticket sales play a major role in event management by improving your efficiency in managing events. The features and services you get by selling event tickets online help a lot in managing events proactively. But it comes down to what ticketing app you are using to sell tickets online. Because not all ticketing platforms offer event management assistance.

Choosing a suitable event ticketing service is the name of the game.

If you need an all-in-one solution to sell tickets online, plan and manage events, and stay ahead of your competitors, you should sign up for TicketsCandy. It is a free ticketing platform for event organizers that is best at efficient event management.

Sign up free of cost here.


What is online event ticket sales?
Online event ticket sales refer to the process of selling event tickets over the internet through various digital channels, including websites, social platforms, and online marketplaces. It involves the use of an event ticketing platform that provides the necessary tools for seamless online ticket sales.

How can online ticket sales benefit event management?
Online ticket sales offer several benefits for event management, including:
– Improved budget management through data-driven decision-making.
– Enhanced attendee experience and engagement.
– Increased ticket sales, generating more funds.
– Streamlined staff communication and coordination.
– Efficient event day management, including check-in and merchandise sales.
– Better seating and venue management.
– Valuable data for personalization and future event planning.

What features should I look for in an event ticketing platform?
When choosing an event ticketing platform, consider the following features:
– Mobile apps for both attendees and event organizers.
– Communication tools for engaging with attendees.
– Support for online and offline ticket sales.
– Self-check-in capabilities for attendees.
– Cross-selling and upselling options for event merchandise.
– Point of sale (POS) and mobile credit card processing.
– Flexibility to support different event types and ticket categories.

Why is ease of use important in a ticketing platform?
Ease of use is crucial because it ensures a seamless experience for both event organizers and attendees. An easy-to-use platform reduces the need for training, minimizes errors, and encourages attendees to manage their accounts and registrations smoothly. It ultimately contributes to a more efficient and hassle-free event management process.

How can online ticket sales reduce event costs?
Online ticket sales can help reduce event costs in several ways:
– By choosing a cost-effective ticketing platform with low fees.
– Allowing for instant payout, which aids in budget management.
– Offering cross-sells and upsells during the checkout process to increase revenue.
– Enabling attendees to purchase event merchandise online in advance, reducing on-site chaos.

What role does data play in online ticket sales?
Data generated through online ticket sales can be valuable for event management. It enables event organizers to segment attendees based on their interests, demographics, and purchase history. This, in turn, helps in targeted marketing and personalization, leading to increased ticket sales for future events and a competitive edge in the industry.

Why is TicketsCandy recommended for online ticket sales?
TicketsCandy is recommended because it offers a cost-effective ticketing solution for event organizers, with a free service and instant payout feature. It provides the necessary features for efficient event management, including mobile apps, communication tools, online and offline ticket sales support, and more, making it a suitable choice for event organizers seeking success in their events.

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