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How To Sell Tickets on TicketSpice Like a Pro!

How To Sell Tickets On Ticketspice

Summary: In this article, we’ll walk you through five simple steps to start selling tickets using TicketSpice. Plus, discover an alternative ticket management solution, TicketsCandy, offering user-friendly features and affordability. Read on to streamline your event ticketing process.

Organizing a great event or a tour takes a lot of willpower, and so does the act of selling it. Hence, why website owners are constantly looking for tools to help them make maximum ticket sales and make tour and activity businesses successful. This is where booking management programs come into the picture.

These programs provide event-ready templates that the site owner can for their niche. From downloading tickets to managing sales, everything is done by the ticketing software. They even let you set special offers and reserved seating plans, which would otherwise cost you a decent chunk of money in marketing.

With that said, let’s take a closer look at TicketSpice, a ticket management integration, to find out how you can use it to sell tickets online.

Everything to Know About TicketSpice

TicketSpice is a popular booking management platform that lets you promote your brand. It was founded back in 2008 and has helped thousands of clients to archive their goals. What started as a small business solution in the US (California) has now grown internationally and still looking to archive more.

They offer their services for tourist destinations, corporate gatherings, concerts, and even local events. Everything is tailored to client needs, and that’s what makes them successful. TicketSpice is also fully autonomous, which ensures that clients’ credentials are safe and secure.

On top of that, TicketSpice supports both Android and IOS platforms and implements regular maintenance so that the program runs smoothly on them. Like most ticketing platforms, they have an onboard staff that tackles customer issues and give advice if necessary.

What Makes TicketSpice Standout?

TicketSpice Ticketing System

TicketSpice allows you to take payment from your customers and eliminate the need for excessive staff in the project. From handling your sales to maintaining wavers, it takes care of everything quite decently. These are some of the perks that separate TicketSpice from other platforms.


With this application, customers can choose what date they will be going, how many members (adults & kids), and participate in wavers. You will be able to link discounts and other packages all at once. It even has different templates for ticket buyers, so you won’t have to set pages from the ground up.

Moderate Pricing

TicketSpice offers $0.99 + 2.99% per event ticket from their clients and that amount can grow with their rates. It’s nothing special in comparison to other event ticketing solutions. On top, customers will be able to pay through credit cards, and most of that price is covered by TicketSpice. You don’t have to worry about event fees and can set reservations on the go.

24/7 Customer Support

The customer support of TicketSpice is also decent. Give them a call, and 9 to 10 times, they will be available to listen to your queries. Besides that, if your customer has a credit card issue, TicketSpice will be the one to take care of it. Never again, your ticket buyers need to worry about cancelations, and the onboard support team will take them through the entire process.

Intuitive Dashboard

Anything that you want to do in regards to running the business, you can do right from the TicketSpice dashboard. It can be a bit complicated, and you will need to play around with the settings to sell tickets online. Similarly, creating an event will take a bit of time, and you have to go through the support to use them. But once you get the hang of it, selling tickets online is quite effortless.

Great Customizability

Although it can be a bit difficult to operate, the customizability TicketSpice offers is significant. You can go ahead and put your prices and availability hours and adjust just about anything regarding your tickets. Even your landing page is highly customizable with custom images, fonts, and HTML styles.

Reserved Seating

TicketSpice allows you to create reserved seating plans for any multi-day event right from their dashboard. There are no hidden charges, and everything is controlled through the backend. With TicketSpice, providing value to your VIP customers is one click away. It gives you the flexibility to manage attendees and create custom-tailored seating.

Event ticketing Analytics

TicketSpice ticketing system provides its users with real-time analytics so they can back-track their conversions and plan out a recurring event. It’s a great way to see which events were the most sold out so you can allot more resources to them in the future. TicketSpice also ensures that the layout is easy on the eyes so the clients can deeply understand every piece of data.

Value Service

With TicketSpice, your website will indicate when an event is fully booked so that customers are not misled. Other than that, customer information (email) is retained in their database for future reference. Whether it’s dealing with refunds or managing cancellations, everything is done by TicketSpice. It keeps your operations running much smoother, and you will be the first to be informed even if there is an issue. TicketSpice even offers daily payouts, which should help track your funds for selling tickets.

How to Sell Online Tickets Through TicketSpice?

How To Sell Tickets on TicketSpice

Selling tickets through TicketsSpice can be a bit flexible compared to many ticketing platforms in the industry. Here is a beginner’s guide on how you can do this.

STEP 1: Start a New Account with TicketSpice

To sell tickets on TicketSpice, head over to their official website and register your business. The whole process is free, and once you’ve signed up, you will receive a confirmation email and a link to your branding control panel.

How To Sell Tickets on TicketSpice

STEP 2: Generate an Event for Ticket Buyers & Manage Your Page

After you’ve logged in to your TicketSpice account, it will load you into the dashboard section. Open the “Page” and select “New page.” TicketSpice will ask you about the event’s name, the type of event ticketing (in-person or digital), the estimated number of attendees, and the business logo. Make sure to fill them in and choose a particular theme before you start selling event tickets.

How To Sell Tickets on TicketSpice

This will open up the page builder menu, which is where you will create and manage all your ticketing landing pages. TicketSpice gives you complete customization, so you can change font style/colors, create new backgrounds and even add a countdown widget. Just click the little “+” icon, and all these options will be available.

How To Sell Tickets on TicketSpice

STEP 3: Set Up Prices for Ticket Buyers

Once you are comfortable with branding control and layout, it’s time to set prices for your attendees. To do that, select “Edit ticket information,” which will bring you to a new window. Here you can develop overall venue capacity and place ticket pricing. TicketSpice charges $0.99+2.9% for each transaction, so keep that in mind before saving event ticketing settings. After that, scroll down and click “Save” to finalize changes.

How To Sell Tickets on TicketSpice

STEP 4: Enable Pre-registration on Online Tickets

With TicketSpice, customers can set reservations and book ahead of time. To enable it, scroll down from your main page until you see “Billing Information.” Now open edit and authorize the “Pre-registration” bar. You can have this feature at ticket levels or for every type of holder. Select Ok to confirm the option.

How To Sell Tickets on TicketSpice

Next, to confirm a reservation for your attendees, open the TicketSpice dashboard and select “Orders” and then a tab called “Pre-registrations.” This will show you all the existing pre-orders that are due. Now you can charge one person at a time or choose all the orders and click complete. An email confirmation will be sent, and the ticket will be valid now.

STEP 5: Manage Analytics & Publish Changes to the Live Page

In the overview section, you can see all the data for selling tickets. Things like page visits, number of bookings, and popular dates are all great metrics that you can use for recurring events. Also, if you run multiple events, TicketSpice will show those analytics.

How To Sell Tickets on TicketSpice

After you are ready to activate all the changes to your event ticketing, select the “Publish” button at the top of your window. Now your TicketSpice account is fully set up.

How To Sell Tickets on TicketSpice

TicketsCandy – Event Ticketing Alternative

Ticketscandy Ticketing System

TicketSpice is no doubt a great tool, but when it comes to accessibility, you are pretty limited. You must wait for the support team’s approval to use the most basic features. And to top that, their dashboard is not beginner friendly. The interface’s dispersed layout makes navigating difficult, especially if your staff lacks a solid technical background.

To solve these issues, you might consider to move to different TicketSpice alternatives, and what better choice is there than TicketsCandy? They are the latest addition to the ticket management niche and can offer some premium features for free. Their dashboard is easy to navigate, and their scheduling service is flexible.

TicketsCandy also has a dedicated support team that takes you through the entire process and does it better. Whether running a travel event or organizing a concert, they can help you create a successful event.

Things To Love About TicketsCandy

TicketsCandy provides its customers with a range of add-ons you won’t find anywhere else. These are some of the things in which they excel in comparison to TicketSpice.

Free to Use

TicketsCandy is completely  free for event organizers (compared with 99¢ + 2.9% of TicketSpice). A small merchant fee is automatically passed to the customer at checkout. Since it is so small, it does not dissuade customers from completing their purchases. This makes TicketsCandy one of the most affordable booking management services out there.

User-Friendly Ticketing Widget

TicketsCandy provides an easy-to-understand ticketing widget that is perfect for event organizers. Compared to TicketSpice, there won’t be any clutter, and every option will be available at your fingertips. Its user-friendly dashboard makes booking tickets online a breeze. Just load out the console, and their professional customer support team will guide you through its ins and outs.

Rapid Launch

Another great thing about TicketsCandy is the fact that you can sell tickets right off the bat. There are no hectic signup procedures or confirmation dates to wait for before you can start. Everything from getting your account started to having the console access is swift. As an event ticketing platform, you want it to work seamlessly, and that’s what TicketsCandy is all about.

Customizable Event Calendars

TicketsCandy also allows you to customize the timeslots for each of your ticket sales. You can create as many calendars for online tickets right from your dashboard. Calendars are always a great solution to set your scheduling needs. With TicketsCandy, this process is seamless, and you don’t need special permission to tailor the event’s time and date.

Ticketspice: Sell Tickets Online

This concludes our guide on how you can sell tickets online with TicketSpice. In the end, event ticketing platforms like TicketsCandy are an excellent alternative for people who don’t want to wait in lines. They allow customers to purchase tickets or set reservations right from the comfort of their homes. There is also the benefit of daily payouts and onboard customer support, which isn’t available in physical sellouts. With that said, we recommend giving TicketsCandy a try and seeing the difference for yourself.


How can I start selling tickets on TicketSpice?
To start selling tickets on TicketSpice, follow these three easy steps: Create a new account with TicketSpice, generate an event for ticket buyers, and set up prices for your tickets. The article provides detailed instructions for each step.
What is the pricing structure for TicketSpice?
TicketSpice charges $0.99 plus 2.9% per event ticket. This pricing is competitive compared to other event ticketing solutions.
How can I enable pre-registration for online tickets with TicketSpice?
To enable pre-registration for online tickets on TicketSpice, navigate to the “Billing Information” section and authorize the “Pre-registration” option. This feature allows customers to book tickets in advance and can be applied to various ticket types.
What kind of analytics does TicketSpice provide for event ticketing?
TicketSpice offers real-time analytics, allowing you to track page visits, the number of bookings, popular dates, and other metrics. These insights help you plan future events and allocate resources effectively.
How does TicketsCandy compare to TicketSpice as an alternative ticket management solution?
TicketsCandy is an alternative to TicketSpice that offers some distinct advantages, including being free for event organizers, providing a user-friendly ticketing widget, allowing rapid launch of ticket sales, and offering customizable event calendars for ticket sales.


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