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Online Tickets: The Power of Selling Tickets Online

Summary: Discover the game-changing benefits of selling tickets online to your event. This article highlights how online ticketing can save time, reduce costs, and boost event profitability. From convenience and marketing insights to enhanced security and 24/7 availability, explore why event organizers should make the shift to digital ticket sales for a successful and efficient event management experience.

You’ve probably been putting in quite a bit of time and a decent chunk of your marketing funds to broaden the reach of your event. Your main aim? To boost your bottom line by encouraging people to buy your tickets.

But have you ever considered whether you’re selling tickets in the right place? If you’re sticking to offline sales only, it’s very likely that you’re losing out on some potential revenue.

Making it simple for your audience to buy tickets by focusing on places where they already spend their time can increase your chances of catching them when they’re ready to purchase.

So, where are your potential customers?

Right now, they’re online—people spend around 395 minutes (six hours and 35 minutes) a day on the internet.

The Power Of Selling Tickets Online 2

Source: Oberlo

What’s great about this strategy is that you don’t need a massive budget or technical know-how to make it work.

All you need to do is partner up with the right online ticketing solution and let them handle it for you.

Here are a few reasons why you should seriously consider selling tickets online:

Selling Online Tickets Saves Time

You’re in for a busy time handling everything at your event—you have to do it all, from planning your event to liaising with clients so you can ensure customer satisfaction.

The real headache comes when it’s time to hand out tickets, which can take forever using the traditional methods, generally via post or setting up pick-up locations.

Running ticket booths around the clock at certain spots (which isn’t too convenient for your attendees either) eats up a good chunk of your day.

Unsurprisingly, selling tickets online is way quicker than dealing with checks, phone orders, and the whole ticket creation process. Buying your tickets from the couch is super convenient for your buyers, too.

More importantly, letting your online ticketing platform handle ticket sales will save you and your team a lot of time.

An online ticketing platform like TicketsCandy can automate the hard stuff for you. You can create an account and set up your event in 15 minutes. And that’ll free up your time for other important things like brainstorming new ideas or planning more events.

Plus, our system automatically sends purchased tickets straight to the customer’s inbox. No fuss, no headaches—just easy event management.

It’s Cost Effective to Sell Online

If you’re still old-school and selling physical tickets, it might be eating into your profits. When you start adding up the expenses of printing and handing out tickets one by one, it can get pricey.

These costs might not be a big deal for small events, but if you’re planning an event with more than a few attendees, these expenses can add up to be a lot.

When you go for an online ticketing platform, you can cut down on expenses like printed tickets and those bank fees for your EFTPOS machine, and you won’t need as many people working at the venue to handle ticket sales

Plus, no more worrying about cash disappearing from the ticket booths at the door. Also, it’s pretty standard for event organizers to charge a bit extra for tickets bought at the venue.

When you switch to your new online ticketing system (at your regular ticket prices), you might even be able to make a bit more revenue by setting a higher price for those last-minute door buyers.

When you sell tickets online, your event becomes super easy to manage, and working with an online ticketing platform like TicketsCandy won’t cost you a cent extra.

Tickets get delivered digitally, straight to your guests’ email inboxes. So, you save some costs and boost your event’s profits.

It’s More Accessible Than The Traditional Way of Selling Tickets

When you’re hosting an event, you’ve got to have your event information at your fingertips 24/7—you can’t be oblivious of anything at any time, or your bottom line might suffer.

But with the traditional methods, if something shakes up your event plans, you’re stuck playing Postman, notifying every ticket holder personally.

You might have to redo all your marketing gear, like posters and flyers, which could seriously tick off your crowd if they’re not kept in the loop.

But working with an online ticketing platform, you can tweak or add event details whenever necessary. What’s more, from the word go, when you create your event, you can shoot update emails straight to the ticket buyers.

Boost Ticket Sales and Generate Buzz with Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Adding an online ticketing option to your toolkit can really help boost your ticket sales. But why’s selling tickets online such a big deal?

  • Your Crowd is Online: People have been spending more time online than watching TV for a while now. They do everything online, so it just makes sense to let them grab event tickets from the comfort of their own homes 24/7.
  • Online is Where It’s At: These days, your event’s online presence is absolutely a must. Whether it’s through social media shout-outs, promo emails, your website, or articles singing your event’s praises, your crowd’s likely getting wind of it online. Giving them the chance to buy tickets right when they’re excited is way better than asking them to do it in person later.
  • Creating Event Enthusiasts: When someone has their ticket in hand, they’re likelier to tell their friends and become a fan of your event. If they don’t have a ticket yet, they might not be as eager to spread the word. Offering an easy way to buy tickets early can kickstart some great word-of-mouth marketing.

A few online ticketing platforms (like TicketsCandy) can even go as far as helping you push your tickets. These platforms will share your events with their audience (people already interested in attending your event) on social media. They might also send out newsletters to their email subscribers, helping your event get the initial push it needs.

Gain Marketing Insights

We’ve all been there—trying to find some genuine marketing insights, like discovering how old the audience is and how they heard about the event. And at physical point-of-sale locations, it’s a bit of a challenge. Both you and the customer are dead set on grabbing those tickets and hitting the road.

But, when you sell tickets online, there’s a bit more room to slip in a couple of extra questions, letting you get the priceless insights you’ve always been looking for during the purchase process. Likewise, trying to get email addresses from folks at face-to-face sales spots doesn’t work so well.

Knowing who attended last year so you can hit them up next year is also crucial for the future financial success of your event.

It’s much easier and cheaper to sell to repeat customers than to chase after the new ones and then give them the entire pitch to get them onboard.

In fact, the chances of convincing a potential customer to make their initial purchase typically range from 5% to 20%. In contrast, the likelihood of selling to an existing customer sits comfortably between 60% and 70%.

The Power Of Selling Tickets Online 4

Source: Markinblog

Weatherproofing Your Event

People who’ve already bought their tickets are more likely to stick to their plans, even if the weather turns sour on the day. Those without a financial stake might prefer to stay home and relax if the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Having many pre-purchased ticket holders (in the case of selling tickets online) can also encourage their friends, who might be planning to buy tickets at the venue, to still come along, regardless of the weather.

It’s Super Secure

Checking in attendees the traditional style with a pen and notepad makes sense if you’re organizing a small event. But it can be an absolute snail’s pace if the person at the door has to flip through a stack of pages to track down the right name. And let’s not forget the eventgoers lined up for ages—that’s a surefire way to get them cranky.

On the flip side, you can manage the sign-ins digitally using a computer or a laptop. The good thing is that if you’re working with a great ticketing platform with a decent search function, you can quickly rip through the names.

You must also consider the security aspect, as verifying ticket authenticity can be pretty challenging the traditional way.

Here’s an excellent method we think you should try—QR code scanning. Most online ticketing platforms dish out tickets with their own QR codes that match up with your record. This means you only need to scan the code on the ticket, which zaps you to a sign-in page.

That sorts out the attendees and guarantees their tickets are legit, making it exceptionally difficult to pull a fast one with duplicate tickets.

When you sell tickets online, you maintain exclusive access to the secure side of things (unless you decide to share access). All the sensitive information, like customer emails and the tally of tickets sold, is your eyes only, which keeps everything safe and sound.

You Come Out As A Pro

Initial impressions matter a whole lot. An online ticketing platform designed well and user-friendly sets the stage for a fantastic first encounter with potential attendees.

Plus, selling tickets online guarantees your attendees become eager advocates, spreading the word about your event and potentially making it go viral.

Selling tickets at the venue entrance might give off an amateur vibe unless your event is super local. When you’ve got a slick, visually appealing system for selling tickets, it builds trust with your users.

Most folks these days prefer the convenience of buying online, as it offers an easy and speedy way for them to purchase without any extra effort.

Earlier Funds Access

Having sold tickets ahead of your event and with the proper guarantees and insurance in place, you might have the chance to tap into some of that ticket revenue before the event kicks off.

These funds can be absolute life savers, allowing you to invest in additional event advertising or even secure that top-notch headline act, ultimately boosting ticket sales for your event.

24/7 Availability

If you are selling your tickets the traditional way, you rely on your employees, organization members, or local retailers. You might be facing a problem you haven’t fully considered: your customers can only purchase tickets when convenient for you.

In retail, the customer’s always king, and they’re never wrong. And that’s what you should aim for as a business owner.

Selling tickets online doesn’t guarantee increased sales, but it does provide you with more flexibility throughout the day.

Your customers won’t be limited by working hours, and they won’t need direct interaction with someone else to make a purchase. Letting them buy tickets anytime, day or night, makes it convenient for folks who don’t live nearby and can’t make the trek to score a physical ticket.

Event Marketing

As mentioned earlier, working with an online ticketing partner that’s willing to go all out for you has quite a few benefits, especially in boosting your ticket sales.

They have tons of experience in marketing, and if they offer to do it for you, you shouldn’t think twice if you are serious about making your event a success.

At TicketsCandy, our mission is simple: to champion incredible events and support them in achieving sold-out success. We’re dedicated to promoting every event featured on our platform.

Our commitment to event promotion is relentless, as we actively share events daily through our Facebook and Twitter channels right up to their event deadlines.

Plus, we send newsletters to our email subscribers, sharing your story to a hyper-targeted audience that’s looking to attend events just like yours.

And here’s what no other online ticketing platform would do for you: We know the ins and outs of running social and search engine ads. Through our years of experience, we have mastered optimizing campaigns for the maximum return on ad spend (ROAS), and we can do the same for our customers.

Wrapping Up: Sell Tickets Online

As an event organizer, you care about your bottom line. The best way to boost it is by increasing your reach—appealing to as many potential ticket buyers as possible.

And what better way to do it than selling tickets online?

It’s cost-effective, convenient, and saves you time to focus on making more important decisions that’ll make your event business a success.

TicketsCandy is the right choice for helping you achieve that goal. So why not partner up with it to reap the benefits of working with the best online ticketing solution out there? Sign up with TicketsCandy for free today.


What are the key benefits of selling event tickets online?
Online ticket sales offer benefits such as time savings, cost-effectiveness, accessibility, marketing insights, and enhanced security.

How can online ticketing help with event marketing?
Online ticketing allows event organizers to reach their audience through digital channels, including social media, email marketing, and online promotions, facilitating word-of-mouth marketing and increased ticket sales.

What is the advantage of having access to marketing insights through online ticket sales?
Marketing insights obtained from online ticket sales, such as customer demographics and referral sources, enable event organizers to tailor their marketing efforts and target specific audiences more effectively.

How does online ticketing contribute to event security?
Online ticketing platforms often use QR code scanning and digital check-in processes, ensuring secure entry to events by verifying the authenticity of tickets and preventing fraud.

Can online ticket sales help in generating revenue before the event?
Yes, selling tickets online allows event organizers to access ticket revenue before the event date, providing funds for additional event investments and marketing efforts.

What makes online ticketing a more convenient option for event attendees?
Online ticket sales provide attendees with the flexibility to purchase tickets at any time, day or night, without the need for direct interaction with event organizers or retailers.

How can online ticketing platforms support event marketing efforts?
Some online ticketing platforms offer marketing support, actively promoting events through social media, email newsletters, and online advertisements, helping event organizers reach a broader audience.

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