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Ticketing System for Zoos: Top Features to Look For

Top Features to Look for in a Ticketing System for Zoos

Going to the zoo is a fun activity for people of all ages. According to the Association of Zoos & Aquariums, over 183 million people visit zoos in the United States each year. That’s over four times the population of California, and more than nine times that of State of New York! With a good ticketing system, zoos can further improve that experience by making the purchase of tickets stress-free. Ticketing systems also make it easy for zoos to accept payments and get performance insights.

In this post-pandemic world, this has proved to be very important. A zoo can easily handle its admission control and revenue with excellent software. All they have to do is sign up and manage the entire process from their dashboard.

But how do you know what ticketing software works best for your zoo? Many brands are offering different features that promise to make your business better. A good platform, however, needs to provide some important basic functions to make it considerable.

Read on to learn more about the right ticketing software for your zoo and the advantages that this platform offers.

Important Features That Your Zoo Ticketing System Should Have

Important Features That Your Zoo Ticketing System Should Have

As already mentioned, your ticketing system is important for your zoo. For the success of your business, you should use a system that is efficient and effective. If you’re considering a zoo ticketing solution, here are some important tools and functionality to watch out for.

Best Zoo Software Checklist:

  • Has a cashless feature
  • Offers admission control
  • Offers flexible scheduling
  • Has secure online payments
  • Has a ticket scanner function
  • Offers dynamic pricing
  • Is affordable for the zoo
  • Offers dedicated support

A Cashless Feature

Going cashless is one of the best things you can do for your zoo business and is one of the essential features that your ticketing system should have. A cashless feature will help make entry seamless and contactless for your guests to keep everyone safe in post-pandemic times.

Cashless tools for zoos are built on Barcode, RFID, or QR Code-based technology. All that a guest to your zoo needs to do is show up with their ticket, and staff can scan them in.

Admission Control

When selling online, knowing how many people you are admitting and handling at a given time is important. Your ticketing system should be able to show you this information with no hassle. You should also be able to view attendee information, manage appointments and organize orders to avoid things like overcrowding. Capacity management is important.

Besides capacity management, you should also be able to manage admission to various events. You need more than just general admission entry. Many zoos hold events and fundraisers that require special ticketing. Your ticketing system should be able to support multiple events along with everyday entry to meet your changing needs.

Secure Online Payments

More and more transactions are shifting online because of the ease that comes with making a purchase. Your ticketing system needs to handle this quickly and securely to help increase your sales and revenue. No zoo customer wants to spend a long time trying to pay online just to get in.

You also need to ensure that your customer’s user information does not get stolen. That is why the zoo management software you choose should be compatible with trusted merchant service providers. Every transaction should be as secure as possible.

Ticket Scanner

Your ticketing system should have an easy-to-navigate and use scanning interface. That way, staff do not need to undergo excessive training to learn how to use the app. With this feature, zoo guests can be scanned in quickly, and there won’t be any queues.

For the scanner to work, your ticketing software needs to come equipped with the ability to send QR codes to guests as soon as they make a purchase. Non-scannable tickets or those that come separate from the QR codes are a hassle you don’t want to have to deal with.

Dynamic Pricing

While this feature isn’t necessarily a deal breaker, it can offer immense value to your sales. Dynamic pricing is what helps you offer incentives like discounts, membership prices, and more. Your ticketing software should allow you to create and control the pricing for your ticketing and attendees.

In addition to dynamic pricing, it shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg to use either. Make sure that the ticketing systems you are considering using do not have outrageous or hidden fees. Being able to offer discounts is great, but only if you can offer fair pricing without losing money to outrageous fees.

A quick tip about pricing: make sure it is listed on the ticketing software website. If you can’t figure out how they are charging their fees, your best bet is to not work with them. Also, if they are charging extra fees for “advanced” services, you should try to avoid them as well.

Dedicated Support

If something goes wrong with your system or you have trouble setting up an event, you don’t want to wait for help. You need a ticketing system that offers excellent customer service to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible. The last thing you need is to miss out on sales because you can’t get a response from your ticketing solution.

Besides dedicated support, the ticketing software you work with should be user-friendly. You should not need to be constantly contacting support to determine how to use the ticketing system. The zoo software you choose should be easy to understand and if not, have clear instructions and/or videos for you to follow to figure it out.

Deciding Between Zoo Ticketing Systems

Ticketscandy Ticketing System

Now that you know what to look for in zoo ticketing systems, it is time to narrow down your search even more. There are a lot of options for you to consider but whomever you choose should meet all of the above criteria. One of our favorites we think you should look more into is TicketsCandy.

TicketsCandy is a robust ticketing software that uses intuitive technology to increase zoo ticket sales. It makes marketing your zoo activities easy. With TicketsCandy growing your event and making more money is hassle-free.

Below are some important features that TicketsCandy offers zoos as one of the best zoo ticketing systems.

Sell Tickets Online

Say goodbye to long queues for purchasing and scanning tickets when you work with TicketsCandy. An easy-to-use mobile app allows staff to scan a guest’s ticket from any device at the door. All the guest needs to do is show up and get in after making a purchase.

TicketsCandy also makes revenue control very easy. Payments go directly into your bank account with no delay. So, all you need to do is create an event, connect a merchant account to accept payments, install the widget on your website and sell.

Once you do, you can generate robust and detailed reports on sales and get insights into sales patterns, performance, and attendee information. You can even use marketing tools from Facebook, Google, Tiktok, and many other platforms. This makes it easy to track your marketing efforts and know what strategies are working in real time.

With all these at your fingertips, finding the best path to sell and grow your event quickly is guaranteed.

Manage Your Animal Encounters With Ease

TicketsCandy offers zoos a free setup process for events and other activities. You don’t need to input a card to set up and manage your sales. Zoo owners can easily create as many events as they want and control the number of ticket sales alongside attendees.

Are you planning an educative and interactive event for your panda enclosure? All you need is to set up the event, manage the settings, and control how many people can attend. All of this can be done from the comfort of your dashboard and has been made really simple.

All The Tools You Need In One Cloud-Based Platform

TicketsCandy offers you all the tools you need, from custom event calendars to analytics and revenue control. You also get a robust e-commerce platform that makes it easy to manage orders, accept credit cards and even issue quick refunds when necessary.

With TicketsCandy, you can ensure that your customers get a seamless experience. This starts from when they make the purchase to when they get scanned into the venue. All this can be done without contractual obligations, and you get customer support dedicated to helping your event succeed.

The Advantage TicketsCandy Gives You Over Other Competitors

The Advantage TicketsCandy Gives You Over Other Competitors

TicketsCandy is passionate about helping your zoo sell more tickets, make more money, and do so easily. That’s why it is one of the fastest-growing ticketing apps in the US and is used in over seven countries. Below are some of the advantages that TicketsCandy offers zoos.

Free Signup and Use

On TicketsCandy, signing up, creating a zoo event, and selling tickets are completely free. You get no signup costs or contracts.

As a result, zoo owners can easily create an account and start selling their tickets online. You won’t have to input or register a card either. You also get personalized support to get you through the entire process.

There is a reason why TicketsCandy is free to use for zoos. Their ticketing system transfers a tiny service fees to your customer at checkout. Thus, it is easy to create as many events as you want and sell tickets for them without worrying about the cost.

Furthermore, TicketsCandy gives you an edge by making those transferred fees extremely low. While others charge a range of 10% to 50%, TicketsCandy charges a service fee of only 0.9%. This is added to your customer’s total at checkout or you can choose to absorb it.

This low service charge ensures that your customers pay an almost negligible amount in fees at checkout since the TicketsCandy service fee is the lowest on the market.

With TicketsCandy you can be sure of more successful checkouts.

Improved Ticket Sales

Businesses that use TicketsCandy show an improvement in sales. This is because of features like a user-friendly widget, lower fees, and fast processing. You also get an increase in sales that can go as high as 30% leading to more revenue for your event.

Access to marketing tools from multiple platforms and detailed reports can also help. The real-time analytics of sales that TicketsCandy offers can help you monitor a marketing campaign. It can also show what strategies your zoo might need to improve on to sell tickets.

Zoo Management Software

Ease of use and speed are very important when it comes to making sales online. That’s why TicketsCandy has a user-friendly ticketing interface that is also intuitive. Your customers don’t need to have a computer degree to figure out how to purchase and pay for their tickets.

Their widget comes with a mobile-friendly design that you can easily embed into your website page by copying a few lines of code. It will display easily and function perfectly on any device used to purchase your zoo ticket.

The widget works great on any website builder, whether WordPress, Squarespace, or Wix. Their support team is also on standby to make the process as stress-free for you as possible.

TicketsCandy also offers businesses an opportunity to get a premium website with 25% off. Through a partnership with Atavion, you can have a premium professional website with a domain name and the ticketing platform integrated. This could be just what your zoo needs to improve sales.

Instant Launch

Say goodbye to scheduling a meeting, filling out long forms, and waiting for weeks to get approval for an event. With TicketsCandy, your zoo can easily create an event and instantly start selling tickets. There are no contracts to be signed and no checks to be carried out.

TicketsCandy is also very flexible and can easily be tailored to meet your business needs. You’ll get everything your zoo tickets need to sell, from unlimited events to custom tickets. This also makes it easy to control your business finances and promote your event.

Manage Admissions At Scale, With Speed

Zoo customers who buy tickets online get a confirmation email with automatic e-tickets at checkout. Once this email is opened, staff can scan them in from their mobile phones. It does not matter what device they use.

The ticket scanning interface is easy to navigate for zoo staff and is a part of your dashboard. It comes as a mobile app and can be used to check guests into the zoo on the day of the event.

Finding The Right Zoo Software

The sales and revenue for your zoo can increase significantly when you use the right ticketing system. To successfully do this, you should work with a good ticketing system.

TicketsCandy is a platform that understands how important revenue is to zoos. Features like their user-friendly ticketing interface, low service fees, and good mobile design make selling tickets easier and faster. So, if you are looking to use the best zoo software available, you should sign up with TicketsCandy today.


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